Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Woo! I like a new local band!


 my awkwardness strikes again  it's very strange hearing about the awkward things you said to someone, from the someone you said it to? oh my god, so embarrassing but i did it to myself. i got to hear a new friends' reaction to his first time meeting me on this night.

So, i first saw this band (Sins of Motion) back in May. There was a show called May Mayhem, which i went to because my friends in The World I Knew were playing, and SOM happened to be one of the first bands. I was just hanging around and drinking, then the band came on stage and i'd never even heard of them.

They start playing and I always already digging it, because they're good, point blank. Their songs are catchy and melodic, which is something i love in any band. It only took half of a song to make me like them, but then enters a guitar solo and i was sold. This guy starts playing and it's like my neck broke because i turned my head so hard. he's so good! i was like "damn, alright then!" he walked past me a couple times after they finished playing but i didn't say anything...but, something about the way he played made me want to, because the second he went into that solo, i just had this feeling we would be into the same things.

I saw them 3 more times between then and now...opening for two bands i really love.
and i mean really really love.

first, in October, they opened for Nasty Habit at Mad Frog. I listen to Nasty Habit literally every day. I'd been wanting to see them for a long time, and i almost wasn't surprised they were opening for them. When i saw that they were, i was like "I KNEW IT!" So i went up to then once and was like "hi, i saw you in may, you're great" and walked away...because i'm good at peopling.
While they were playing, Nasty Habit's bassist Frankie came over and sat by me (insert screaming here) and we talked about them a little. We're both not really into metalcore, but i told him that i thought the guitarist with the long hair was really good and Frankie's said "Oh so you think he's good just because he has long hair" and i'm like omg no haha

Next was when they opened for Whitechapel, and then now in December about 10 days before today, they opened for Black Tide (who i've wanted to see since '08) and i'm a procrastinator so i didn't buy presales, i actually bought a ticket from their drummer when i got to the bar and told him we were best friends now lol
In true "me" fashion, i went up to Rikki (the guitarist with the long hair) and literally said "hi, you're awesome! i don't know how to talk to people! bye" and i went back to hanging out with those pretty girls from Cleveland. 
That was also the first time i talked to their bassist Matt, we were both watching Sycamour i believe and he said he remembered me from a few of their shows, and he said "it's nice to know we at least have one fan" and i was kind of shocked. It's weird, like i've never been a bands' first random fan before.

so here comes this night...it's Madison Theater's annual Battle of the Bands, and Rikki invited me. all the times we've seen eachother and our first conversation is online haha they didn't play until 10, so i actually got to hang out with them for a while...they're all so cool and totally different from eachother, it was so fascinating.

and i was right about Rikki! he likes Crashdiet, Santa Cruz, Nasty Habit and even Tiger Sex, and he knows who Malice McMunn is! like oh my god, you guys have NO IDEA how awesome it feels to finally be able to talk about bands i like have someone actually know what i'm talking about. i also learned that we had a tiny conversation at the Nasty Habit show (which i didn't remember due to vodka, never again) but at least i wasn't out of character, i basically said i had a weird name, and to remember it, and the i walked away. i hate myself haha

 but seriously, i'm so stoked! i'm stoked about pretty much everything about these guys because they're just as cool as their music. i can't wait for the next time :)

help them play floodfest by clicking here and following them!

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