Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Creation : Hippie Michelle

this is michelle
she is one of my best friends :]
i wuv her dearly

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photography - Walk, but no parking


this is the picture i took by accident that re-inspired me to get back into photography

Photography - Love New York

its true
i took this with my phone

Photography - The Courthouse

My Tio Junior lives directly across the street from this
(in the Bronx)

Photography - Tehya has a sandwhich

lol @ my sister as she eats a salami and butter sandwhich
doesnt that sound, not really ha

Photography - I see sky

i was in the Bronx visiting my Tio when i took this outside of the apartment

Photography - Skyline

we had just got to NY and i took this with my phone
the person is my sister

Photography - Holland Tunnel


took with my phone

Photography - Sand Love

i love sand, i hate feet
i love the colors!

Photography - Sisters


me and my sister at the beach.
i sent it to my mom while we were still in NY & it made her really happy

Photography - NY in Daytime

i personally think the lights look alot better in the dark
...and that McDonald's is really big

Photography - Phantom of Time Square

i love how the first thing i see is the Phantom of the Opera sign

Photography - American Flag


also one of my favorites.

Photography - Stop Lights


i forget where we were, i think we were driving in Manhattan

Photography - Kitty

So Cute!
we were all walking back Abuela's apartment (in Brooklyn) and i saw this cat sleeping under a tree and though "AW ITS SO ADORABLE!!!!" so i turned off the flash and took a picture
i didn't wanna wake up the kitty :]
i love cats!

Photography - NYC

First picture i took when i got there, probably my favorite.
I also took this hanging out of the sun-roof of my dad's SUV, haha

Photography - Element Store

i didn't know there was an Element store in Time Square?!
I took a picture to remember it.
Besides that is a Billabong store which is also next to the Mtv Store.
I took a picture with Elmo just moments later and feet away.

Photography - DVD VIDEO

we were looking for free parking and found a spot here,
right next to an adult video store.
good spot, though!

Photography - The Metro


i caught an NYC bus in motion!
i thought it looked cool.