Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Posts Code~!

thanks to this site i now have a "random posts" widget :)
wanna try it out? [[click to visit a random post]]

if you want this for your blog, go to your "Edit Html" and go to your <head> and paste this code under it

after that, then you paste this link anywhere on your blog
you can replace "Feeling Lucky" to something else
if you want more useful quick things, try this site
all credit goes to [[here]]

Poem - Nocturna #7

the night air begins to cool
from the summer's bliss
to an autumn's mist
an era she missed
a midnight's climate at it's most devine;
Nocturna, in her niche.
yet, the scene isn't complete ~
for she longs for him
the lingering desire that forever remains
the same
Saint Valentine, come to me
hold me close, make me complete
tracing, a heart, onter her limb
lightening skin
for she longs for his soul
save me from this conundrum
and burn for me
like the air i breath

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poem - Nocturna #6

at the usual time she'd lie outside,
she remains in doors,
within doors,
not alone, but with another
in an unfamiliar location
she finds discomfort
the guilt, the pain, the thought
its not her fault
her mind,
it rotts
feeling so distant, because there's no other way to feel
in a literal sense
every word, no matter the medium
no matter the mood,
just a shot to the heart.
the fear, the paranoia, the thought
its not her fault it?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poem - Nocturna #5

"why" she thought
and the asphyxiation begins
as her usual ways to survive her days,
tonight, is a miss
needles of grass, shades of grey
they carress her face
she rolls over, nearly blinded, but not;
possibly by what little is left of God's grace
"are you there?" she thought
and the answer was distant
unwilling to believe, but possibly
n  o  n  e  x  i  s  t  e  n  t
she arises with eyes set deep
towards trees
sheets of clouds, shades of blue
they follow through
they let her go

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

new button!


here's my first button in a really long time~
and you can request one of course ^_^
if you wanna be affiliates, just wanna link me or credit me for something, or if we're just friends,
 you can always grab my button and put it somewhere ~
if you'd like one, feel free to comment me here or on the pixels page.

Monday, January 30, 2012

heart dividers

there are lots of these!
i made alot of these since i was bored...
if one might match your blog theme go ahead and use one ^_^
just comment me here and/or tag me and credit or link me:)
hope you like them!
::: a l t e r n a t e :::

[kyary inspired] heart blush!

wow i look super girly =.= but i think i look okay xD
i'm not sure if it's that visible but i tried heart blush!
kyary does this style in her blog header [here]
rabbito showed it to me after shaving the heart on my head~
i thought it was a cute idea ^_^
so i tried it out :D and idk why i took the girliest pics ever...

~chu ♥
might try this again in another color
or style xD
it was fun though, editing too
i love doing purikura-like pictures
i don't know why xD