Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homecoming —Last Saturday


there's one word to describe me before homecoming:
i got dressed and packed some stuff then my mom wanted to take pictures of me...i dont know why. thats the best one up there ^ which means they were all bad. i was paranoid & nervous. as soon as my boyfriend got here i squealed and ran back up the stairs (while hating the fact i was wearing heels)
my mom drags me to the door and gets me out, i look at Nick, who was looking adorable and was like "oh crap, i'm gonna make him look so ugly..."  i was totally bad looking compared to him, or at least in my opinion i was. both of our mom's were totally camera-ready and caught all of my awkwardness...but they also got his adorableness :)

this one is my favorite that i made, when he was giving me my corsage. <3

one of the reasons i was scared was that i gonna be meeting his friends...i remembered one of them because he couldn't remember my name at the football game, haha but thats about it. i met them and they were all nice. it was cool how i went to HIS school's Homecoming but we met one of MY friends too, lol. my friend Kelsi's boyfriend goes there so we hung out with her too :) she took a couple pictures during the dance.

sadly, for maybe the first half of the dance i was kinda standin by myself :( i guess Nicko didn't feel like dancing...or at least not with me, haha. I think he danced with maybe half of the guys there, lol.
i think my favorite part might have been when he did "the dance" he actually got the guys to do it with him in a line, it was sooo funny! it looked a bit like this:

yes, the motion is supposed to simulate pelvic thrusts.
every time he does this, i smile :) lol
after the dance, we went back to his friend's house. it was raining and cold. a bunch of us got in the hot tub and i questioned myself about getting in the pool, but i didnt...i was chicken. lol. me and one of the guys dates, Amy, laid on the trampoline. it was wet and slippery but it felt good at the same time— besides the fact that our eyes were being pelted with raindrops, lol.
one thing i remember,
we sat by the fire with everyone (outside in the rain) and i was cold
nicko asked me if i wanted my jacket, as usual i tell him not to get it for me
but he does anyway
one of his friends was like "woah is that nick being sweet?!"
i was like yeah he does that alot
he rplied "with the way he talks, it doesnt seem like he'd be sweet"
aww, poor nicko lol