Monday, July 7, 2014

♫♪ #MetalMonday - 10 more awesome Metal cover songs!

i'm back! sorry about not posting last week, i still need to make up for that 
(for the people who read it anyway lol)
as you know, i love covers, and i wanted to come back with some more!
so here's 10 more of my favorite Metal covers
starting with...
"Cinnamon Girl" by Type O Negative (originally by Neil Young)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

✎ ℝealityℂheck ✔ - 4th of July Weekend [[+drunk video]]

yay, a bunch of foreigners came here, enslaved and killed most of the natives and shoved the rest into random deserted places, 
then brought more foreigners over to enslave,
 just to make it illegal to be foreign in the first place decades later. 
i really dont give a crap about this messed up country 
and i think red, white and blue is kind of an ugly color combination.

i really just want to party.
- me, via facebook
so that's what i did :D