Monday, May 14, 2012

Poem - Nocturna #10

words unneeded to be spoken
broken breaths, and juxtaposed emotions
through the day, not one muscle still
as the thoughts run through,
the blood steams in her veins
somatic sensations; 
too explicit to thoroughly explain
"no one is more beautiful than thou,
Saint Valentine"
as she gazes inthrough his eyes
the tension; released
unfeelings; deceased
Nocturna is relieved at his bedside
heavy breathing; can you hear me,
though you don't have to
no words, not a song, and no artwork could every tell
the feelings, the perfection, the yearning
the necessarry
a magnetism,
that only ones body can show
"rakastan sinua,
Saint Valentine"
i kneeled
as the cold creased my spine,

s w e a t

it is sweet
i can feel you
as i embrace you
as you embrace me
and our lips meet
"Saint Valentine,
you saved me."

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