Saturday, December 11, 2010

Photoscape Tutorial - Newspaper

i was fooling around and ended up making a newspaper xD
no one will probably use this, but i thought it was still fun :)
+ i need to know how to post these tutorials, so this will be a test run :) bear with me people! haha
the article is funny xD click to enlarge
Step 1:  go to "page" and follow this:

it could work with any other of the frames too maybe, but i chose this one.
Step 2: now go to the "edit" tab and choose a picture.
*this will not change what you did in the "page" tab
Step 3: make the picture a little more black and white with the Remove Color Cast tool.
Step 4: use the "Cellophane" filter.
*try to use the effect really low so its not overbearing.
Step 4: one of the most important parts and i lost the pic :(
use the "Newsprint" effect under Filters and set it to a low level then save the picture.

Step 5: go back to "page" and insert the picture you just edited then click Edit
Step 6: Write an article. 
*make it funny, interesting or just anything! have fun with it :)
 After you've added the text you should have something like this:
Step 7: name your paper!

Step 8: combine it all ~

Step 9: Add texture
*click the texture once or twice to your liking. it will make it look like paper :)

 Step 10: Film Effect
*to enhance a little of the paper-y look
and now you have your own newspaper!
click to enlarge and enjoy :)

(feel free to comment your opinions or suggestions!)