Friday, May 20, 2011


i hate being here!!!! i'm done with it :( i hate it so much. i cant have fun. i can't be happy unless i can talk to nick and my phone is acting up. i try to get a hold of him and i barely can :(( i woke up early this morning to talk to him and i got to but not very much :( i text him after school, no reply, talked briefly while i was shopping then messages come a whole hour late :(
this morning i woke up late and the first words of the message i get it is "okay i give up" so of course you know i am freaking out....i have had some fun times with my family but i am still miserable because i cant talk to him :( why cant i just have both? why is there always has to be something to make me upset...i dont understand why there has to be always :( why cant i just be able to talk to him? why do i have to be poor and have bad phone service??
and the worst part is, his message cut off... "okay im giving up this sucks for me i feel so lonely i feel like im by myself cuz i only talk to you...and now that ur not here...well i love you so much i" .......then no continue text :( i am too afraid to know what else he said :( i'm scared :( i wanna go home :( its the day of the wedding and i dont even want to go now i just want to be home :'( someone sendme a plane ticket :( i miss my baby :'(

Monday, May 16, 2011

hey everyone! quick post sorry :( been doing work here at school so not really any time to blog :( i'll try to get on at lunch and post at least, i dont mean to leave you all hangin!

and nicko i love you :D just thought i'd remind ya ;D

byebye for now!