Wednesday, April 30, 2014

✎ ℝealityℂheck ✔ - Valerie's 21st Birthday!!


today was my best friend Valerie's birthday!! finally 21 :D is she not the cutest thing ever? i love her ♥
Krystal a.k.a Kasper, haunting Valerie

since our houses are in like a wierd sequence, i walked to Valerie's, then we walked to speedway to meet Krystal and get icees and gas station pizza xD
lyke zomg pc4pc??? #myspace
after we met up with Krystal, we walked back to Valerie's to hang out for a little while and me and valerie still needed to get ready.
we watched a bunch of YouTube videos,
the ones i remember most were some girl making unicorn poop cookies, 
a dude with crazy make up freaking out people on omegle
....and the most disturbing video i've ever seen in my whole life
...something called "Shrek is Love Shrek is Life" .....
basically i'll never watch Shrek the same way again

after that i got them to watch Nana :D neither of them had seen the anime, and they were just as annoyed by Hachiko as i was xD but since she takes up most of the first episodes, it got obnoxious REALLY fast. they were much more curious about Nana Osaki (can you blame them??)

i was super excited to give Valerie her present. since she dyed her hair orange and black, we call her the Halloween Candy Kid, so i went with the theme. i got her a bottle of Cake flavored rum, a bunch of candy, and made her this card with pictures i drew of us in it
[[click them to enlarge]]
and inside the little pocket part was a couple page letter i wrote her about how much her friendship means to me :)

after we got ready, we went outside to take all these pictures xD
her parent's left and we were waiting for her boyfriend Danny to get here

the Halloween Candy Kid awaiting her Gypsy Prince Charming
Valerie let me do her eyeshadow so i was all excited :D

after Danny got us, we met up with her family at Dave & Busters, 
where i apparently got really really drunk.
but at least i came home with a shit ton of fun dip! haha
it was a great fucking night and day.
i hope Val had as much fun as i did!!
Happy Birthday :)