Friday, May 18, 2012

[[feathers & fishnets]]


Thursday, May 17, 2012

at the art show...


the only picture my mom got was blurry,
but this is my display board.
you guys have seen most of these, and soon you will have seen them all
 sadly, i was not a favorite..

and i wish aimee would have made it :(
aimee, these faces are for you ♥
i hope she's alright :(
her parents randomly made her move today,
and today is her big day :(

Monday, May 14, 2012

Poem - Nocturna #10

words unneeded to be spoken
broken breaths, and juxtaposed emotions
through the day, not one muscle still
as the thoughts run through,
the blood steams in her veins
somatic sensations; 
too explicit to thoroughly explain
"no one is more beautiful than thou,
Saint Valentine"
as she gazes inthrough his eyes
the tension; released
unfeelings; deceased
Nocturna is relieved at his bedside
heavy breathing; can you hear me,
though you don't have to
no words, not a song, and no artwork could every tell
the feelings, the perfection, the yearning
the necessarry
a magnetism,
that only ones body can show
"rakastan sinua,
Saint Valentine"
i kneeled
as the cold creased my spine,

s w e a t

it is sweet
i can feel you
as i embrace you
as you embrace me
and our lips meet
"Saint Valentine,
you saved me."