Friday, July 6, 2012

we went camping

he didn't want me to put these up cuz his mouth was always open hahahaha
me and nick went on our first camping trip, it was fun :)
he works at the campground, so it was 5 bucks to camp.
i bought a tent, spent all my graduation money on food and stuff and waited for him to get off work and come back to the tent.
i drew a picture, i'll upload it soon. its so cute :)
we mad s'more's and i cooked pizza over the fire haha
it was super good :D
and he brought back this stuff that makes the fire change colors, so it was like blue and green fire ^_^ i wish i could have gotten a picture :(

baby you're precious xD

haha nick's gonna kill me for puttin this up
we got bored after a while and went to go buy more stuff. we got tons of bottled water, some chips, beef jerky, cigarrettes, the works.
we learned why they say not to buy a waterproof tent...
if you sweat, you fucking swim in it.
that was fun xD we couldn't sleep, or do anything else for that matter..
it was really hot and stuff, and it was supposed to storm but it didn't...i was like "ok mental prep for nothing??!"
raccoons were all over our stuff outside haha and when we went for a walk to check out the bathroom there was one following us
"stay next to the trucks, if a raccoon comes jump in the bed of the truck. i ant gettin attacked by no damn raccoon" XDXD
his parents werent to happy about us staying the night together -_-
telling us "dont do anything stupid" and "ur gonna get her pregnant"
stuff like that just makes me mad....pretty sure we know better.
plus, i'm almost 20! his sister was allowed to have her boyfriend sleep over when she was 19, so hop off me :| meh.
i love my nickobaby <3 we should have taken more pictures haha <3

outfit of the day


skirt from DEB
purse: secondhand
shirt: walmart (9 years ago)
dreamcatcher: 6 flags gift shop
plug necklace: Hard Rock cafe (st.louis)