Saturday, August 29, 2015

WOAH. I met Joan Jett at the Kentucky State Fair!


today was the randomest awesome day i've had in forever.
My best friend's mom is a HUGE (possible the biggest) fan of Joan Jett ever, she's taken me with them to a couple of gigs already. The first was at Obetz Zuccinifest, the second with Heart at another rad festival. 

A few days ago, she messaged me asking if i was free on Saturday because Joan Jett & The Blackhearts were playing at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, KY just a few hours away and that Val wouldn't go unless i did. I was scheduled to work from 4-8pm, so i had to decline.

I woke up this morning and started getting ready for work, then just after 1pm, my boss sent me a text message telling me that i didn't have to come in today because they were over on hours for payroll...

i immediately messaged her and asked if they'd left yet, and thankfully i caught them in time. After getting into the car, she said "You're going to meet her, by the way." and the only reason i didn't scream was because Valerie's baby daughter was sitting next to me, happy as can be. First, i wasn't going. Then, i thought i was going to a concert. Now, i'm meeting Joan Jett?!

Well, that escalated quickly.

It was 10 bucks to get into the fair plus a few for parking, thankfully we carpooled and baby Luna was free. We walked around to look at things on the way to finding the stage, mainly we were on the prowl for deep-fried's a midwestern thing. It's also an addiction.

We walked through an area where there were tons of farm animals, and i was enthralled because i absolutely ADORE cows. They're like giant dogs with udders! There was a fluffy one and it was so cute!

As we were leaving the area, some kids got in my face yelling "WHAT ARE THOSE" while pointing at my boots, i flipped them the bird and they yelled obscenities. Normally, when a stranger gets in my face, i'm compelled to hit i didn't feel bad for putting up my middle finger to a couple of 10 year olds.

On top of the fact that their parents were right there, and for some reason allow them to get in strangers' personal space and yell curse words...the funniest part is that i was wearing Cowboy boots. I was in Kentucky! That is a stereotype of course, but that's what makes it funny. 

FUN FACT: I was born in Fort Campbelle, Kentucky. Apparently, that Army base is partially in Tennessee or right on the my birth certificate says i was born in Fort Campbelle, KY, but is issued by the State of Tennessee. I live a complicated life.

we waited in line for a little until we got to the concert area,
then i bought the biggest drink i could afford.
it was a CocoBongos pina colada. 

there were SO many chairs.
I was happy, as you can tell :)

Still in awe, the shock grew larger as time passed and we got in line for the meet and greet. When they snapped that wrist band on me, shit got real.

when they opened the gate and we got in line, the adrenaline started building really quickly. I saw Joan come out from the trailer and i lost my breath: THIS WAS HAPPENING!

how we got into that was through a connection Val's mom had who i will not name, but damn am i thankful for them. All i'll say is that they're in a band (not The Blackhearts) and works in the crew. They were really nice to me, and it was awesome to meet them because i'm familiar with their band...killed two birds with one stone, eh?!

As i got closer and closer, i could see her and i was freaking out and hyperventalating...Val, Luna and Miss Karen went to take their photo and meet Joan right before me. and Karen exclaims "Joan, I've been waiting 35 YEARS for this!!" it was amazing ♥ 

in their photo, Joan was looking right at Valeries daughter, this was her first concert and she already met a rock star!

and then there's me,
you can see the nerves on my face in the photo...

deer in headlights!
We exchanged a couple of words, but most likely it was me speaking incoherently and squealing a lot. If i had died the second after that, i would have died happy. I was honestly so nervous that i nearly puked...but i didn't! GO ME!

Joan Jett has been one of my heroes since the day i found out who she was. My mom actually introduced me to her music. when i started breaking out into the person i am now and expressing myself through my appearance, she said to me one day "You almost look like Joan Jett." I asked who it was and she told me, i looked up more online whenever i could.

Throughout my teen years, i grew to love her more and more. When i was 19, Valerie and her mom took me with them to see Joan Jett & The Blackhearts for my first time ever at Obetz Zuccinifest. I have a few videos on YouTube of it. Joan winked at me during that gig, i just about fainted.

Besides, getting into an argument with a cop for the dumbest thing ever and nearly getting kicked out before they even played,  it was a totally perfect night. We rocked til the sun didn't shine, and baby Luna was happy as a clam during the whole show. that baby was made to rock n' roll!

i've now met two of my biggest influences, first Ville Valo and now Joan Jett...who wants to be next?! Sebastian Back? :) Now that would be fucking sweet!

Thanks again to my best friend and her amazing mother for taking me on yet another musical adventure and always making my life a better place. I really do love you all more than i can express and i'm so thankful to have you in my life <3 p="">

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