Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i think i can pull off lipliner...


my friend commented this one earlier, 
asking why my face wasn't in magazines..
i guess that's a good thing :)

might i add that i got those shades from the dollar store,
and the lip liner, and the lipstick.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo & Poem - I Dare You To Walk A Day In Our Shoes


they call us wierd, they call us crazy
but to eachother we're nothing more than normal
people think we're some sort of creep,
but that's only because they went straight to our bad sides
why do must they judge?
is it so much to ask, just to be treated like any other member of our species?
b u t  a r e  w e  really  h u m a n  ?
o r  a r e  w e  just  r e a l ?
because i wasn't aware it was "normal"
for humans to have more than one face
or to speak lies instead of words
or to bring pain rather than joy, just because they can
so they call us names, because we're not like them
i guess it's worth the pain,
because we'd hate to be like them.
just like they hate to be like us
even though i'm sure we're better off this way,
it still bothers mer to think about,
why our lives are so hard
why we are the way we are
why people can't accept us
what's so wrong with being a good person?
they think that we're putting ourselves above them, but they're the ones putting themselves down
think what you please,
but that's not going to change me
all of these so-called people, they live and breathe
so do we,
yet we try so hard to be good to them
but all they can do is judge us
they mock us, block us, shoot lies at us,
and we've done nothing to them.
we've already figured out how you feel,
now all we want you to do, is simpler than even listening
something you wont even notice you're doing
this is all i want from you
i dare you to walk a day in our shoes

[[model: Melonie Meyhem]]

Photography - Sheba


this is Sheba, the sweetest dog i've ever met.
she belongs to my friend Melonie :)

Photography - Welcome To April


why did i ever leave that look...


this was me, spring of last year;

it might be the prettiest i've ever been.
i'm tryingoing to get my hair back to looking like that.
goal for the spring/summer..