Thursday, February 23, 2012

html basic - how to post an image

i know there are some people who are new to blogging and don't know as much as everyone else does about html, so here is one of the most basic need-to-know codes for blogging:
how to post an image
even though there are other ways of it, like copy and paste now (with advanced browsers and stuff) and just uploading straight to posts,  here's how it all began

this is the basic image code.

replace the text "your image url here" with an image url.
[[you can image url by right clicking on "copy image url"]]

i'll use this image as an example

that image had to be resized,
the original dimensions are1024 x 768
all i did was change the width to 400,
and it automatically resizes the width as well

to resize it by just width, add in width="400"
or you can use a different number
for my template, my post width is 400 max, that's why i used 400

to resize by height, you can do this about the same

i'll use this image as an example again

this one has the height as 200

to add a link to your image, use this

now if you click this image,
it will take you to my blog homepage

linked images are what make buttons like the one on my sidebar,
which are useful when you're a blogger
to advertise and people to credit you

hopefully this helped some of you newer bloggers :)