Monday, March 12, 2012

colored youtube player + youtube music player [[tutorial]]

okay, so i'm assuming you don't like the new music player either... i personally hate that stupid auto hide black bar -_- so i searched on google and found a site that has a generator to make the video any color you want!
here's the link: Custom Design Youtube Video

now, for the music player, i'm gonna show you how to make it autoplay :)

this is a code i've known since the MySpace days! so trust me, it works :) i've used it constantly since i was 15 ;D
first for the music player part, use the old embed code on youtube (if you check the box that says "use old embed code" it will change to that code)
it should look like this:

 to make things easier, you remove all of the [param] and [object] tags, which i highlighted in purple:

 now the code should look pretty much like this:

 next, you find the link of the video, after the src=" [as highlighted]
and type "&autoplay=1" right after it. so it should look like this:
and there is your autoplay youtube video :)
it works the exact same way with the colored youtube player.
to make it just look like a music player,
you change the width of the player to match your post or sidebar, then change the height of the player to 25.

for an example, check out my other blog:

thanks for reading :) hope it helped~