Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poem - This is All Reality

i love how tightly you grasp my hand,
like you never want me to go
the look in your eyes somehow says to me
you love me more than i'll ever know

the way you hold me within your arms
tells me you don't mind if we go slow,
and that face of yours is more magical
than three shooting stars in a row

i could listen to your voice all day
because its like my favorite song,
i adore no matter how much i hear it
and no matter how long

your laugh rings like chimes in the wind
but far more precious than that there,
and your love for me as delicate as a hummingbird,
makes my heart beat as fast as it's wings in the air

you touch me so gently, you'd think i was a flower
by the brush of your hand up to my cheek,
and somehow found a love of which
i hadn't yet to seek

and now what i have got is what some would call "a dream"
and i would say so too in all practicality
until i kiss you again, feel it, and realize
that this is all reality

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Poem - His Most Prized Possession

living in love and hanging by a string,
woven so thin, yet lets my heart ring
like silver bells at Christmas-time,
causing all of the joy
and even though he has my heart,
he doesnt treat it like a toy

he has it more like a vase,
or an urn, shaped from porcelain
keeping it in a special place
where no one can touch it

while some may think selfish
i call it thoughtful
because with him having my heart,
i am no longer distraught-full

because he polishes the porcelain with the finest of wax
and lets it shine bright, these arent little-known facts

no matter the circumstance, he doesnt let dust collect
and he knows the reality of it's fragile effect

so he won't drop it or play around,
and if a heart needs quiet, he wont make a sound

its called a love, not near an obsession
and my love takes care of his most prized possession

my heart.