Monday, July 14, 2014

♫♪ #MetalMonday - Crashdiet & #dietmerch!

my 1st EVER Metal Monday post was about Crashdiet
the amazing Swedish band bringing back everything i ever loved about the 80's.
and now here's a second post...and better...with a video! haha
this post i because i finally got some merch from them, and i am still very excited about it!
here's a very smiley video of me, singing to Crashdiet songs and talking about what i got in the mail!

it usually takes a lot for me to actually sing online, but i love singing to thier songs!
+this is a really cool shirt! this one's called "Wanna Riot..?" designed by the late Dave Lepard (R.I.P)
20% of the cost is donated to his memorial fund, which is pretty cool :)
they're logo is one of my favorite band logos, so sleek and just cool looking
and i love that they through in stickers and a pick!
you can ask my sister and my boyfriend, they were both present when i opened the package...i smiled so BIG when i finally saw the shirt, but when i held it up for it to unfold,
these 2 little pieces of paper types of things fell out, so i picked them up,
and when i turned them over, it was stickers and one had a guitar pick taped to it!!
i was so incredibly happy!
i still haven't played guitar or bass with it yet, 
i'm excited about it still!!

here's a mini-photo gallery of some pictures i took in my shirt:
 1st one taken with my digital camera, the rest taken with my webcam

during my extreme excitement, @dietmerch (Crashdiet's merch store's IG account) followed me on Instagram after i posted photos in my new shirt...super-cool :D
and then something EVEN COOLER happened!
i thought i was still dreaming when it happened, because i woke up and went to check the time, then i saw i had notifications on Twitter...from Peter London?! 
he retweeted my post, followed me and DM'd me too!
he asked me to help with the new #dietmerch hashtag on Instagram to try something new, of course i said yes to that!!
and when i purchase my next shirt, i'll be doing it again :)
i am so glad i found out about this band 2 years ago...they actually changed my life, believe it or not. i always thought i was born into the wrong era...i wish i couldve been born in the 60's like my mom, so i could watch the 70's pass, then i'd be all over the 80's rock scene. 
cuz if i'd been born earlier, i couldve been a rock star! 
i've always wanted to start a glam metal band, i figured i never could...
everyone's into the "scene" music, i misinterpreted thier style for being influenced by the things i liked, 
so i didn't fit in to thier group...i'm more into the oldschool styles of metal
i just felt like i was born into the wrong generation 'til i found these guys :) 
even though they're all like 10 years older than me, better than nothing! 
and through them is how i found out about more bands that i now like...
there's a whole big group of people out there that actually like the kind of music i like, 
and there's musicians out there that make that music!
someone please ship me to Scandinavia! haha
i would be forever grateful :)

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