Saturday, July 19, 2014

feeling better :)

i've had a lot of big ups and downs this year in my life, 
not much has changed, but the ups are getting higher at least.
i've picked up my 6-string again and i've started getting better already,
i kind of just think this Crashdiet guitar pick is lucky :P
i lost the pick i usually use, so i finally took it out of the tape...
i've already got a couple of riffs for some songs i've been writing,
 so maybe i can record some kind of demo track, 
if i can figure out how to get the drum sounds right on my keyboard...
if i can do that, i can do a full song...which i'd like a lot.

another up, Peter London totally read my blog
*insert squealing and excited happy noises*
he read my Metal Monday post and said he loved reading it,
i feel like such a nerd cuz there's like a big fangirling section about when he talked to me and how excited i was about it and he totally saw that, so i was like 
and it says i have 2 visits from Sweden so at least one of them is from him...
which is proof, so FUCK YEAH, I'M AWESOME.

just knowing that there are musicians that actually care about thier fans makes me so happy, they really pay attention to us and appreciate us just as much as we appreciate them
that made my admiration for that band skyrocket, 
as if i could've loved them more than i already do,
i can't wait to see what they do next haha
i really hope they get to come to the USA someday soon,
i want to see them live sooo bad, it would be such a great show
there's no place i am myself more than at concerts,
and i always go all out, i know every word to thier songs and i love to sing and dance
i always show the bands i love that i love them,
they deserve it!
thier music helps me stay inspired and keep going for my dreams
no matter how out of reach they seem...
i wasn't inspired to pick up my guitar again until i got that pick
and now i'm writing more than basslines...
inspiration is a truely amazing thing.
i hope that i can be that person for someone, one day.
i liked my outfit today.
i had on a black lace tank top, black skort, combat boots, chains, studded belt and purple fishnet thigh-highs.
those were an impulse buy a month or so ago when shopping with Val.
and i was having a "rad hair day" today :) i felt pretty
...if pretty's the word for it haha
i somehow accidentally quit my job,
so now i'm jobless until i can find a new job.
i've been applying places left and right, so i have hope
and i've got a few referralls, just waiting for calls back.
hopefully something comes up,
maybe i can get in some art commissions.
i at least need to get more money to fix my car,
then i can get in more practice and get my liscence.
i can already drive, but i'm afraid of the permit test -__-

i hope my ups stay high and that my downs don't get any lower,
life's not half bad, but it could be better.
i'm keeping my head above the water.
thankfully i bought alcohol 2 checks ago,
so that'll last me until i'm hired somewhere haha

having a perfect boyfriend definately helps...
today i had a great day with him, he's entirely hilarious and just so cute...
it's like "how are you real??"
we hung out in the morning and got breatkfast at Starbucks
the whole drive was hilarious,
i felt like i was talking to myself almost,
i never realized how alike we talk xD
he gets cuter every single day, i swear...
tonight he read my mind, SO WIERD.
we had barely talked after i went home, he went to sleep
i thought to myself around midnight "i want an icee"
be we hadnt been talking so there's no way he'd have known,
but a minute after the thought, he was at my house
drove me right to the gas station to get one and i didn't even ask,
and he somehow new i wanted taco bell and what i wanted there,
it was crazy!
we're becoming one...
but i like it :) he can literally read my mind

well, until next time,

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