Saturday, February 20, 2010

beautiful blogger award :D


thank you rabbito from for nominating me :) 

~i am half puerto rican and half black
~my fingers are double jointed
~i am legally a midget if i stay this same height until i am 18
~my whole family is about the same size as me
~i love to draw and write
~my friends call me kitty because i meow like a cat and purr
~i love cereal!

i want to give this to:
rabbito (even tho she gave to me XD)
jan di

thanks again rabbi-chan ^_^ ♥

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poem - I Have Enough Time

for you, my patience never runs out
even if i do cry
like the ocean ran dry
it's only me clearing my mind
if you dont mind,
i can't wait for you to be fully mine

and if i have enough time
to watch the lake freeze over twice
i have enough time to wait
for you

love is something that scares me
because it can hurt
because it can kill
yet never die,
but it can be happy and be a thrill
and a feeling so strong cannot be ignored
and i promise i will never give up
because a feeling so strong cannot be ignored
and i need you
and you need me

and one day i hope i can be all you need

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Acrostic - I Love You, Valentine

i miss you already, you just
left. i want you to come back
over and over and all through the day, my
Valentine makes me that way
everyone notices and
you know too
over and over, i say "i love you"
under the stars, i see my
Valentine, he
always makes me happy and
loves me the same, i am
entitled to happiness, even when i think of his
the butterflies flutter
in my stomach
ever will we part.