Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the nightmare...[[october 31, 2010]]

  i had a dream that i woke up from the very place where i was sleeping. i was curled up in a beanbag chair. nick said it was time to go pass out candy so we got up and went outside. we passed out candy to some kids and then while more were coming, a car came up, and it drove really slowly past nick's house.
  "i wonder who that is?" i said. "why are they just creepin past your house?"
he said he didn't know. his mom called us inside because she made pumpkin seeds but we stayed out to give the last bit of kids some candy. now the car was down that street at his friend larry's. his mom said that we could stay in for a little, since it was getting cold and that any more trick-or-treaters would ring the doorbell. so we went in.
  me and nick were having fun, cuddling and eating seeds curled up on the couch in his livingroom next to the big lit up pumpkin. then all of a sudden, we hear the doorbell so we got up, i got the bowl of candy and he hopped down the stairs. and there they two worst enemies, dressed up in mini skirts and kitty ears with thier faces painted. i dropped the candy and nick just stood there. one laughed and the other started hugging him and saying how much she missed him.
   i looked at him and he just looked at me back then looked back at her. they acted like i wasnt even there. and the one hugging him kissed him on the mouth.
  so i went to the garage and got on my bike and rode away
  when i got home, (in the dream,) he called me, and i deliberately didnt answer.
then i cried and laid down and went to sleep in my bed.