Thursday, March 20, 2014

✎ ℝealityℂheck ✔ - HIM Concert Adventure 3/18-3/19

in summary, my life since the year started:
i started live painting at concerts, i turned 21, i got a mohawk, one of my best friends that i was considering living with was murdered by her room mate, then the next day my mom decides she's kicking me out.
Well, that escalated quickly.

thats not even the half of it...its only 3 months into the year and its already a hard year. 
i planned to blog more this year, but all that made me..well, hesitant (for lack of a better word)

i needed a break from life, the bad things in it.. 
i didn't want to be in Ohio. 
concerts are one of the only things that bring out my happiness, and especially HIM.
in 2013, i went to Atlanta to see HIM. september 22, i remember the date. 
i met so many amazing people and they became like family. 
and HIM was back in the US, so i reuntied with my Heartagram Family :) 
it was one of the best couple of days i'd had since i came to Atlanta the first time :) i went to Atlanta and then Orlando Florida!

i stole these from my tagged photos on facebook :)

HIM @ Center Stage in Atlanta