Saturday, April 18, 2009

Haiku - Midnight

the sky is pitch black
the bloodless moon stares us down
it glows of midnight

Haiku - The Love of the Swan

the love of the swan
is of elegant nature
graceful as she is

Haiku - Pretty Willow

branches reach downward
they want to lay down and rest
sleep, pretty willow

Acrostic - Cry


Certain situations cause tears

Running down your face like rain on

Your room window

Friday, April 17, 2009

Poem - Rainy Day

its a dark and dreary day,
the sun cant see with the clouds in the way.
puddles on the ground,
such subtle sound;
that subtle sound, of which the rain is renoun.
up above in a cloudy violet gray,
black silhouette birds away.
smells of water sturate the air,
little round drops float along my hair.
water drips off the drips off the tips of my lashes
then crashes onto the ground creating small splashes.
i look to the skies,
rain blurs my eyes,
the wind replies,
then the rain dies.
i now see the sun.
all the clouds run.
and the streets; i roam
now, to find my way home

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poem - Compton Road

Down this road
so bleak, so slow
this long road
is familiar to know

in the warm
and in the cold
every week
its compton road

it leads to church
and a waterfall
some wood, my friends
and thats not all
i drive down this road
every weekend
i've been on this road
even at my wit's end

its like universal information
a road with curves but no complication
my favorite road in the whole nation
this road even has a Mobil gas station

in the warm
and in the cold
every week
its compton road