Friday, August 3, 2012

is it that hard to say sorry :/


there are so many people who have done stuff to me and never even said sorry for it :/ if ur gonna do something at least own up... i'm the type of person that when someone does something that really hurts me i just stop talking to them and it always feels like they don't know why or act like they didn't do anything, then when they ask me why we don't talk anymore and i tell them they're always like "oh yea, about that..." :( they knew what they did the whole time...sometimes idk which one is worse, but at least they apologize after i say something
i always try my best to make sure i'm not hurting anyone and that if i do i apologize and at least try to make it right, why can't people do that for me?

it just kind of hurts my feelings...
was i not worth apologizing to?
you think so low of me, that you will do whatever you want and not even apologize because you didn't know how i'd react?
i'd be happy.

because no one in the whole world will apologize for anything anymore without being called out.
that might be hopeless...
people don't know how to be like that.