Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lyrics - Just Hoping For My Angel Will Pass Through

confiding within myself the words i refuse to speak
trying to hide the emotions that make me come off as weak
attempting to not upset all others
hiding my head beneath my covers
just hoping that my Angel will pass through...

i try to write my thoughts away
because to pain, my mind is prey
the blitzkrieg over my circumstances
staring into the sky with wishful glances
just hoping that my Angel will pass through...

where art thou, oh Angel of mine?
give me an answer, give me a sign
write out our names in the stars aligned
so then i can see it and i can be fine

hiding in a self grown mask although i can only try
to hide the sorrows underneath the streaming tears i cry
longing for our happiness
longing to feel your sweet carress
just hoping that my Angel will pass through...

so then it can be just me and you...

Friday, January 8, 2010



(btw, this is my friend Emi :) and i edited it)
LOVE, that magical word and extraordinary feeling, a beautiful thought that i think all of the time. especially when i really miss nick.
Today, i thought i would share this as an acronym i created to trying to explain a little what love is to me and the steps into falling chronologically, haha so here i go.

Here is the acronynym:

Letting it find you
Opening your heart
Verifying your feelings
Everything you ever wanted

♥Letting it find you is the first step to love. "Seek and ye shall find" is true in most cases but in love, it will find you. it's one of those things where you'll  just know. what happened to me could happen to you: most of you all know the story of how i met my boyfriend. i was with my ex boyfriend on his birthday and my now just happened to be there, a few months later he says hi and we talk, i get dumped and he takes me to the mall to cheer me up and just by looking him in the eye for the first time i already knew. now look at us, we're two the happiest people in the world all because of a coincidence.
  You never know when love is going to show up in your life, it will rear it's head when you least expect it. it could be the guy who tripped you every day when you were little or it could be the clerk at the grocery store you see once a week. it could be anyone! but as soon as you know it, follow the next step... ↓

♥Opening your heart is what you need to do. when i figured out that i was in love, it happened really fast and i tried to hold it back. i had just gotten hurt and i didn't want to be hurt again so i tried to deny myself. KEY WORD: TRIED. the thing is with love, you HAVE to open your heart, and even if you don't want to it will open on its own. no matter how hard you try to hold it back or how many times you deny it, your heart will still let love it. i figured that out.

♥Verifying your feelings is the next step. after your heart is opened up and your guard is lowering you have verify. you have to make sure that its love that you're feeling then tell that person. verify your feelings not only with yourself but with the one you love. If you never tell them, they'll never know and its no guarantee that they will tell you first, especially if you're both shy.
How do you let them know? the best way to let someone know that you love them is to do it in a way that you are comfortable with. for example, Nick showed me in numerous ways. one that is most special to me is the poem he wrote me and it described how he felt. i always write poems and songs and paintings to show how i feel, and of course there's also physical ways too you can show it. just a look in the eyes can tell alot.

♥Everything you ever wanted - this isnt much of a step as it is a product. now that you've gone through all you've done you can feel the butterflies and blush to your complete potential :) anyone who's in love knows this feeling and isnt it amazing?

i hope everyone finds love one day
remember what i said, it just might help :)