Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hot Topic Wishlist~

LOVEsick Suspender Overall Shorts Sku 743482Royal Bones Skulls Split Leg Skinny Jeans Sku 794151Silver Ball And Cone Hoop Earrings Sku 173238Black Safety Pin Wristband Sku 133772Rib Cage Dress Sku 753252 Black Gem Clear Lens Cat Eye Glasses Sku 197602Stud Ear Cuff Sku 122147Zombie Heart Girls Tank Top Sku 196023Black Skeleton Necklace Sku 159492Rise Against Rifle Tattoo Girls T-Shirt Sku 140555Hell Bunny Florence Jacket Sku 730588Leopard Chain Bling Wrist Cuff Sku 983836Metal Skull Bracelet 2 Pack Sku 182132Ribcage Purple Heart Slit-Back Tuxedo Tail Girls Tank Top Sku 757770Red Skull Rose Hair Clip Sku 151284Adventure Time Catnip Girls T-Shirt Sku 140146Metal Chain Ring Bracelet Sku 182456Hematite Bullet Stretch Bracelet Sku 166285Red Leopard Faux Fur Circle Stud Wrist Cuff Sku 185466Multi Chain Hematite Box Bracelet Sku 139966Matte Black Icon Earrings 4 Pack Sku 129538Skull Chain Belt Sku 147129Teenage Runaway Butterfly Skeleton Zip White Tank Top Sku 737251Pink And Black Skull Tank Top Sku 781084Short Black Heart Purse Petticoat Sku 173743Leopard Pyramid Stud Lace Tank Top Sku 758582Scissor Earrings Sku 154635Razor Blade Link Necklace Sku 180946Skull Spine Tri-Metal Chain Necklace Sku 147707Red Spike Bracelet 3 Pack Sku 180696Abbey Dawn Mix Tape Girls T-Shirt Sku 947841Metallica Justice Allover Girls T-Shirt Sku 140392Bullet For My Valentine Skull Guns Girls T-Shirt Sku 149731Alice Cooper Band Girls T-Shirt Sku 149531Tripp Blue Plaid Zip Pocket Skirt Sku 923945Miss May I Blood Logo Girls T-Shirt Sku 149928CKY Classic Logo T-Shirt Sku 991825Nirvana Smiley Stripes T-Shirt Sku 143168Skeleton Hand Friendship Bracelet Sku 132708Rock Rebel XOXO Brass Knuckle Bling Necklace Sku 135967Teenage Runaway Burnout Ribcage Girls Tank Top Sku 754170Rock Rebel Skeleton Hand Belt Sku 165349Grey Rib Cage Heart  Tank Top Sku 795572Rib Cage Love Tank Top Sku 726848Cross Skull Rose Charm Hoop Earrings Sku 194493Black Strap Stud Stretch Belt Sku 189793Killer Cat Girls Tank Top Sku 126481Multi Chain Stud Wristband Sku 155340Silver Handcuff Wallet Chain Sku 148339
----------------NEED BALDY-------------------
Razor Blade Heart Necklace Sku 176715
^seriously <3
and i'll paint it black.

these are the many reasons why i desperately need a job

Friday, May 11, 2012



"Classic Asberry Faces" captured by Aimee Radabaugh
i'm smack xD

How It Feels To Fail


MS paint | sumopaint

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AP Art Concentration "Becoming Quiet" charcoal/watercolor series 2012 (c) Asberry Ann Quinones

^don't be fooled my the first image, they're not all mediocre like that.


 my giant portfolio is finally done being carried around
i just submitted my AP test for art~ i hope i do good~~
if i don't...i'll cry -___- seriously. lol

well, now that art is basically over with, i gotta get my other stuff done!

Drawing - Unknown Still Life

painted the background then did the drawing in black and white charcoal.
[click to enlarge]
september 29 2011

this unknown object has now been identified as an old fashioned apple-pealer

Painting - Times in Time Square


watercolors | india ink

Painting - She Will Always Be A Broken Girl


watercolor | 5B pencil

Poetry - Nocturna #9

in a turn of events,
she is no longer alone
together, they stray
and Bartonia is much the same
the encountors are eerie,
the mystery begins ~
but Nocturna is content
to reunite with a dear friend;
but beyond, moreso, a sister
she has just what she needs
to feel a bit more complete
with similarities down to the air they breath,
and with a subtle brisk breath of empathy
her night is complete
and the sun peaks
Nocturna and Bartonia
have risen