Monday, June 9, 2014

♫♪ #MetalMonday - Crashdiet

whats up! this is my first post in a section of my blog called "Metal Monday"
i plan to post in this section every monday this year :)
years ago is when i realized that not alot of people have the same music taste as i do and don't know about a lot of the bands i like, so i figured i should finally start telling some stories!
i don't listen to the more popular genres of metal very often,
most people i know are more into "-core" bands,
but i'm not!
in this section of my blog, i want to talk about more oldschool styles of rock and metal, both classics and newer bands.
i'm going to start out with posting about my most recent favorite, 
a band called Crashdïet hailing from Sweden!
Simon Cruz is part of the inspiration for me to finally get a mohawk this year
i found out about this band while streaming on my favorite internet radio site,, about 2 years ago now. the first song i heard was "Generation Wild" from thier album of the same name.
i was immediately hooked.