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♫♪ #MetalMonday - Simon Cruz says "Sayonara"

He's a rebel without a cause & now without CRASHDÏET.
Emotions are definately high after this news.
as you all know from my previous posts, Crashdiet is in my favorite Sleaze band and one of my all-time favorite bands, i only discovered them around 2012 during Simon's era with the band, a year before they recorded their second album with him. Because of Crashdiet, Simon became one of my favorite vocalists and an idol of mine.
but i can't say I idolize him after this...
on February 26th, the band posted this message to the fans on their website (also on their Facebook page & Instagram)
[screenshot from]
When it showed up on my newsfeed, I was speechless, hoping i wasnt seeing what i was reading...but it's true.

As a fan, i feel completely betrayed, not by Crashdiet, of course, but by Simon - and i'm sure they do as well.

i have a few theories on why Simon may have randomly jumped ship:
1. GIRLFRIEND: 3 months ago, he posted a photo holding a rose on Instagram, then a month later, a photo of a woman sitting on a couch. he's so cryptic on social media that it's hard to tell, but it's a possibility...even though all of the guys in Crashdiet appear to be taken and they have no issues...

2. DRUGS: they say Simon was sick in Japan, so Crashdiet preformed without him as a trio. You would think being sick would not make a person leave their band in the midst of an important tour across the is a screenshot of a post he made days before the mini-tour:
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sickening state of mind...burnt upon a stove...for some reason that makes me think of drugs (you'd be surprised what you can make with simple household things...) plus, him being sick in Japan could've been caused by withdraws. it's a thought.

3. MENTAL ILLNESS: he's always been cryptic on Facebook, and let's face it: a lot of creative people are a little insane. Not to mention, a frequent commenter on his FB page, (also seen all over his Instagram,) a lady called "Bex Nash" has been posting some pretty personal things - saying that if he is "battling darkness again" that she is here for him and that they've had conversations about it before.

  Concerned fans were commenting like crazy, even going as far as to talking about suicide and hoping he doesn't kill himself...of course, i hope that anyone with a troubled mind would seek help immediately.

but, to be honest...i think i am making excuses for him because i (used to) idolize him.
4: HE'S JUST AN ASSHOLE: seriously, what kind of person leaves their band, while on tour across the world without any notice whatsoever? That's completely unprofessional, careless and inconsiderate to both the band AND the fans. His ego probably got the best of him...Crashdiet has said before that they were trying to recruit Simon before they settled for H. Olliver Twisted (Olli Herman of Reckless Love) and Generation Wild was Crashdiet's highest selling album to date, he's also the only singer they completed more than one album with, and he finally got some input in their latest record "The Savage Playground," (in which he thanks the band for their friendship in the notes) and I'm sure the obsessive fangirls didn't help the matter. Crashdiet pushed Simon Cruz to rock-stardom, i would not be surprised if his ego took him over and he became just one more arrogant frontman. 

Simon himself has not at all commented on the situation. Instead, he posts this creepy, silent video where you can see nothing but his head floating around in the dark which has now accumulated over 6,000 views now. But, contrary to popular belief, I'm pretty sure Simon Cruz is fine. He was said to have been at the Bandit Rock Awards on Thursday and also in this "music video" which appears to have been recorded with a cell phone that was published on YouTube earlier today. 


Other than Simon's reaction, or lack-thereof, some of my fellow fans' reactions were a little painful to read. One commenter had the audacity to say that Simon leaving the band was the worst thing happened since Dave left...which blew my fucking mind. Dave did not just "leave Crashdiet," he left his life. How dare anyone compare these two events? Completely disrespectful.
Another commenter said that since they've had such bad luck with singers, that maybe the rest of the band is the problem. Again, let's backtrack...If Dave had not died, they would have never needed another frontman, it's a real dick move to blame his death on them. We do not know what Dave was going through when he passed. Olli had more heart for his own band, Reckless Love, they knew that and then he was gone. Simon rejected them pre-Olli, finally joined, produced 2 records then bailed during a tour across the world. They don't have "bad luck with singers," they had bad luck with Simon Cruz.
The band seems to have expected this as much as we did - which was not at all. I was hoping the lack of news was from them working on the new album, whcih they say they are continuing to record without Simon. 
I'm curious to what it will be like...will they stay a trio maybe? Looking back through their YouTube videos, all 3 members can sing. 
Or maybe they'll have guest vocalists, like Johnny Gunn from the demos. 
Or they may just get a new vocalist altogether...many commenters are requesting Lizzy DeVine, formerly of another Swedish glam band, the notorius Vains of Jenna - but because that band ended because the members wanted to close that chapter of their life, i don't know if it's realistic. 
Someone else suggested Chris Young, who i think would make a great member of the band...he practically is a member of the band. except i have never heard him sing. He's a great guitar player, so i think if he joined the band, he would take Martin's place, and then Martin could move to rhythm guitar and lead vocals.

Another person mentioned Archie Cruz, who is a great vocalist and guitar player, but he is the main songwriter and lead guitar player for his band Santa Cruz, which means if it did happen, it would be Olli all over again, (not to mention he & Olli are friends) and there is also about at least a 10 year age gap between him and the members of Crashdiet, he's much younger and seems to be a bit wilder than they are.
and i'm sure you're wondering who I would suggest...

well, i suggest ME!
that's right, me! i know all the songs by heart, i can hit every note, i've got the style, the badass hair, i'm the full package :D except i am a 4'10," 22 year old, biological female...they probably want a man. I'm not kidding at all when i say this, though. I would move to Sweden with nothing but the clothes on my back to be a part of that band. That would be a dream.

but more realistically, my suggestion would be Yiannis Panou who I believe he lives in the UK. His YouTube username is "GlamMetalDude" and he uploaded a song he wrote inspired by Dave Lepard, and made another video about seeing Crashdiet live. He probably hasn't made a video in years, but i think he would be a good candidate, plus he's not famous, so he'd be kind of like a fresh start.
want to discuss? feel free to leave a comment below.
thx for reading!
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