Friday, April 24, 2015

Aboni Cosmetics' Liquid Lipstick #MOTD [[+review video]]


i've collected yet another purple lipstick! 
I found this shop on Instagram called "Aboni Cosmetics" who has really gorgeous, vibrant lip colors. They 'd a photo i posted of myself wearing Jeffree Star's purple liquid lipstick, which is what led me to their profile.

the power of social media!

that's strategic, i would've never thought of that kind of definately worked!

they were having a sale on thier Duo Matte Liquid Lipsticks and i'd been eyeing the purple one since i found them out, i'd just gotten my tax refund (and i tried to save it) but i can't resist purple!

color swatches:

Left: "Insomnia" ♥ Right: "Day Dream"

[click photos to enlarge]

i've also made a review video, now posted on my YouTube channel:

so, here's my Make Up Of The Day:
as always, really digging purple smokey eyes...and purple everything else.
i took that picture after i'd been wearing the eyeshadow for a few hours, sorry about the faded/creasy colors.
i'm wearing the Insomnia half of the Lip duo.

thanks for checking out this post!
give Aboni Cosmetics a try ♥
check out their web site
and on Insagram:

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