Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Photographs - More Graffiti


noxer tag

not as much as before since we were in alot of main shops
most of the photos i got were very blurry..

Monday, December 24, 2012



today was the shopping day...though there will be another the day after tomaro. tis the very end of christmas eve!! i just got home from a family party...i got to try "Puerto Rican Egg Nog" a.k.a coquita...kinda like a Pina Colada but really thick like egg nog. basically it was in a cup and he said "try it" so i did and i was all O_o... today i wore this old sweater i got in 09,  i forgot i had it til i was doing laundry and found it xD the scarf i got at a consignment shop last year i think. or 2 years ago? idk xD but i think i looked ok :)
my cousin Angel

i got a couple of things at the dollar store, earbuds, hair balls, mini highlighters xD and i got a cool paper umbrella :) like the ones in asia! its gorgeous and blue :) i'll take pics when i get back to Ohio. and i finally got new combat boots! long overdue for that. jeez. haha surprisingly i havent bought any makeup yet..but there's a cool hair store with really nice wigs that i'm looking to stop by... and there's a bubble tea place just up the street!! gotta stop there too :)
i think we're going to the bronx tomorrow to see Tio Junior? maybeeee..

here's some pics of me and tehya with my hair balls i bought :)
they came in pairs so i wore a purple one and she did too

Photograph - Hermana / Abuela

abuela y tehya
out on the town :) shopping

Photographs - View Around Brooklyn


Photographs - Mandatory Graffiti Post - Brooklyn NY


cant go to NY w/out posting the Graff...
this is for you Nick :)
not as many pieces, but tags and throws...
but better than nothin!
hope to take more pics when i go to the Bronx

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Photograph - A Piece of Puerto Rico




just arrived in brooklyn about an hour ago~
we visited my cousin Angel & his lady first to get the keys to Abuelas apt
she still has all those pretty decorations...
even at night it's still so nice


the car ride was about 10 hours,
no one really talked to me through the whole thing
i was really bored...and sick

[[iPad pics]]

i was playing with my dad's iPad and got motion sickness :(
i've been getting it so frequently now-a-days
we had subway for lunch :)
my dad knows how to make the best sandwhiches
i get lost in all the stuff you can put on it and end up with a crappy sub xD

when i got to NY, (brooklyn btw)
i had the best dinner
chicken wing soup & rice
i had 2 servings and a sprite...
i forgot how it felt to be this full...
and of good homemade food
maybe i didn't want to come because i know how much its gonna make me miss home...
i havent even been here long and i already don't want to leave...

and i already opened my xmas gifts from Papi,
get ready to see me make some hideous faces xD
this was @ my house in Ohio

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Outfit Of The Day~


red fishnets: generic
mini blazer: wearever
skirt: just ♥ one
tank top: generic

the only makeup i'm wearing is on my eyebrows...
not too terrible i guess :)

i don't do these often..
but i might more.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

✦✧ HOW TO: cute ⋆★ Sailor ☪ Moon ★ ⋆ hairstyle! ✧✦ { tutorial | video }


hey girls! this is my first hair tutorial :) ever!
i did sailor moon hair :)
like my cute photoscaped photos? xD
sailor moon is the first show i ever watched on tv, so it's always inspired me~
here's my tribute ^_^ 
i'm a terrible narrator and have a painfully high voice...
so don't turn your volume too loud haha
well, enjoy it if you can... xD

subscribe to my youtube channel if you havent!
i'll sub you back :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Painting - { re } entering [[+timelapsed video]]

for the first time, i've made a video of myself as i paint.
this is also a canvas that i made myself,
foamcore, staples and some tape.
you see this photo as it is, two souls reaching for eachother
you see the passion, the longing, the hope in thier body language
but look at this photo from afar,
and it is also a broken heart..

things are hard in the heart department lately as well..

Nicko and i are starting to get better and he inspired me to try painting again. this is my first creative piece since i started college. hope you enjoy it..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

i'm always mad now.


i'm done with everyone forreal.
alot of shit has been going on these past few weeks.
oh, you didn't know? didn't ask either.
i hate how i'm always there for people to listen and help when they have a problem(s), 
but no one ever asks about mine. 
and when i even mention that i'm having issues,
 they act like it's miniscule compared to theres.
you wouldn't even know how to compare our issues.
they're totally different.
and considering you don't know even what problem i'm having, 
you don't have any right to compare.
i'm tired of so many people treating me like shit.
i try so hard to be nice to everyone and try my best NOT to make any kind of mistakes that would make anyone mad, but of course, i always find a way to piss SOMEONE off.
i can't stand it.
it seriously drives me off the wall crazy.
i have been fighting my every nerve not to go off on people lately.
but i swear the next person that decides to talk me own is getting alot of fucking words and they won't like it.
believe it or not, HEY, i can do that shit too!
i've never been into revenge, but being nice is only making things worse.
so you can thank yourselves for turning me into the biggest bitch known to humanity. i have a way with words and they weren't meant to be used for bad things..
but i go by the golden rule and i always have..
so if i'm nice to you, it's because i want you to treat me nicely
if you're not, for no goddamn reason, and i want you to go the fuck away and not talk to me,
then i'm going to stop being so nice, and act like i don't want to fucking talk to you.
and whenever you decide to stop being a jerk to me,
if you say sorry, i'll most likely forgive you and things will be fine again
but no one ever says sorry so it looks like i'm just going to hate alot of people.

i wish i had thin lips so my kissyfaces were cute :( i look like a blowfish..

i don't deserve all this stupid bad treatment from people
so i'm not going to take it anymore
wanna be friends?
be my friend.
don't like me?
then fine. be civil or be a dick,
and you'll get the same back.
i'm done.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

new sketches/new chapter

new story art.
i posted another chapter the other day,
on the blog & on wattpad
and i drew these.
an new character bio will be up soon as well :)
if anyone's curious about Jimmy, he's about to be posted.
take a look~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

i looked so cute today.


this is my new favorite outfit ♥

black cardigan - Studio Works 
striped tank - wet seal
dark blue jeans - ZanaDi
Musical knee highs - DEB
Legwarmers - Wet Seal

Sunday, November 18, 2012



 I had a photoshoot with Kaitlyn Grogan, a local photographer. It was a blast! We did sugar skull makeup :) I had my makeup done and pictures take. I can't wait to see how they turned out!!
i got to meet some cool girls and it was my first time meeting katie after being facebook friends for a pretty long time. she's so nice and i love her photos :) we took 130, she said she's gonnna have a hard  time choosing which ones she's gonna post :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012