Monday, December 24, 2012



today was the shopping day...though there will be another the day after tomaro. tis the very end of christmas eve!! i just got home from a family party...i got to try "Puerto Rican Egg Nog" a.k.a coquita...kinda like a Pina Colada but really thick like egg nog. basically it was in a cup and he said "try it" so i did and i was all O_o... today i wore this old sweater i got in 09,  i forgot i had it til i was doing laundry and found it xD the scarf i got at a consignment shop last year i think. or 2 years ago? idk xD but i think i looked ok :)
my cousin Angel

i got a couple of things at the dollar store, earbuds, hair balls, mini highlighters xD and i got a cool paper umbrella :) like the ones in asia! its gorgeous and blue :) i'll take pics when i get back to Ohio. and i finally got new combat boots! long overdue for that. jeez. haha surprisingly i havent bought any makeup yet..but there's a cool hair store with really nice wigs that i'm looking to stop by... and there's a bubble tea place just up the street!! gotta stop there too :)
i think we're going to the bronx tomorrow to see Tio Junior? maybeeee..

here's some pics of me and tehya with my hair balls i bought :)
they came in pairs so i wore a purple one and she did too

will be posting other pics separate :)

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