Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poetry - Remember That I Miss You

i'm not sure how long i can control myself,
the patience, the waiting; it's all building up
hiding in me, and soon i'll burst into tears
and cry until i cant take it, but i still take it
because you're worth waiting for,
because we're going to make it

remember how you feel,
how do you feel if you have to wait,
how you'd feel if i made you wait,
why would you do it to me?
when i've waited,
when i've always been here,
when i've been waiting forever
                                   for you,
then you make me wait more,
when you should really be giving me favour
after all that we have been through together,
and how nice i've been, even when you were hurtful,
and how we were always there for eachother,
when you never ignored me for another,

i want those days again

when you were never mean, and always awake,
go out of your way just to see my face
when you were so infatuated with me, that just talking and sitting on my doorstep was enough for you
when you would bring me whatever i want, even if i'm not blue
baby, where are you?
come back, i miss you

and i hope you feel the same,
that if i did this to you, that you would wait for me too,
i have to know, baby...would you? like i do?
because, honey, don't you know,
the way you act makes me wonder so,
sometimes i just have to know,
do you miss me back?
because i can't tell by the way that you act
baby, please come back. . .

because i still don't yet understand,
because you said that i'm your # 1,
then why don't you come with me?
then why don't we go have some fun?

i don't think you know how it feels,
to feel like you don't have much worth,
because someone says that you mean the world,
but you choose everyone over her, and it hurts,
and it stings,
and it burns,
and i yearn -only for you, i tried to let you see
that the only person i want in your eyes, is me
just like you are to me, remember, your kitty?

i love you, you say you love me to
it doesnt matter if you don't feel like it,
why don't you do what i do?
just take it, just for a day,
i promise every time will be okay
and no matter how you feel when you come,
you'll leave with a smile on your face.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wisconsin - Part 4 - Shakira :)

the sweetest dog i have ever met :)
maybe even sweeter than bella and lexi (nicks dog and his sister's dog)
she's so cute :) i gave her her own post xD this is shakira :D
idk why ñoño name her that xD

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wisconsin - Part 2 - Wedding and Reception!


la la la lots of pictures again!!! :PPPP that is my look for the wedding :) hair half back on the side in a clip, got new crystal guages too :) the only edit is the bg and a little exposure, so you can tell, i looked good :) i got that dress for less than twenty dollars at a thrift store! great find right?? and teal is definately my color!! nick suggested :) i love this color, i even had my hair that color before! refer to posts from last summer, you will see :) my mom chose the bolero, i chose the dress and shoes, of course also did my own make up :P i never let anyone touch my face xD thank you nick for that makeup pallet you bought me for christmas!!! i would never have so many color combinations without it :P

the shoes were also thrifted, together the dress and shoes were under 30$, crazy huh? and the shoes are brand name! i got lucky lol

they had musicians at thier wedding :) they were very good :D

the wedding was nice and small, only a few rows and it was an outside wedding at the beautiful botanical gardens :) it was so pretty!! here comes the wedding cast :) i took all the pics in this post btw,
 ñoño and his abuela (saez)
 ñoño and our abuela (Quiñones)
 manuel, ñoño and xaviers parents, victor and madelin - my aunt and uncle

 they are so cute xD she is beautiful :) inside and out!!!
 ñoño and one of the brides maids, i forgot her name @_@ she is a cousin on tio victors side
 i think she has such a cute face xD
 the best man and the last bridesmaid. she's not related, but she looks related :) she fits right in xD

 the ring bearer and one of the flower girls :) more younger cousins ^_^ they are so cute!!!
now the bride herself! her dress was so stunning <3 looks a little like the one i designed for myself :) that is her and her father
 saying thier vows <3

the kis! adorable <33 they are really great together :) you can really tell how much they love eachother. he doesnt leave her side without kissing her and telling her he loves her. you can see the chemistry between them without them even having to exchange words :) i's so beautiful :)

i got my picture taken after the wedding at the reception with the flowers up front :) my dress is a stunner in the sunlight! i hope i get the chance to wear it again....NICK PLEASE TAKE ME TO THE HOMECOMING DANCE NEXT YEAR!!!
 here is me, mami, and all of my aunts. the one in the very back is johanna :) but you call her johanna iris ;D she sells avon so if you need cosmetics hit me up and i'll set you up with her :)

me, tehya and ti ti mayra :) she is the closest to me out of the aunts. we're really open with eachother and she brings out my girly side :P she is very fun and young-spirited ^_^ i love her lots!!
can you guys believe i can walk in those platform heels?! i'm good :) he he. i have muscular calfs >.< i dont like it...i would be fine with it if i had thicker ankles. having on heels makes my legs look better though ^_^ i think...
here are some of the wedding favours :) ti ti madelin made them all
 candy almonds. it says lauren & victor because victor is manuels real name, family only calls him manuel so he doesnt get confused with his father :) manuel is his middle name :)
bubbles :D those were fun xD still havent use them all up lol
 here is my favorite, the chocolate rose lollypop!
 made with white chocolate but colored purple ~~~
 tastes so smooth and amazing! my aunt madelin used to make candy as her personal business, she always has the best foods! i love her cooking :) she made these roses and some mini ones in a box...i ate all mine too quick for a a pic xD
i want another rose D:
we got some pretty awesome appetizers too :)
really good :D i forget what it is :D mmm!!
 bread & favorite xD
the wedding cake! beautiful cake :) it was pretty awesome too :D too much icing for me though xD
 here is the first part of the meal, raddish salad
 it had a nice vinegarette on it too :) made it really appealing ^_^
and this pretty meal of a chicken! my sister and mom got this~~
and i got this pasta :) yummmm
it was so good i wanted seconds xD 

that. right there. was manuel's. wedding. was pretty great :) i wish you could see thier true happiness, pictures arent enough to describe <3