Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poetry - Remember That I Miss You

i'm not sure how long i can control myself,
the patience, the waiting; it's all building up
hiding in me, and soon i'll burst into tears
and cry until i cant take it, but i still take it
because you're worth waiting for,
because we're going to make it

remember how you feel,
how do you feel if you have to wait,
how you'd feel if i made you wait,
why would you do it to me?
when i've waited,
when i've always been here,
when i've been waiting forever
                                   for you,
then you make me wait more,
when you should really be giving me favour
after all that we have been through together,
and how nice i've been, even when you were hurtful,
and how we were always there for eachother,
when you never ignored me for another,

i want those days again

when you were never mean, and always awake,
go out of your way just to see my face
when you were so infatuated with me, that just talking and sitting on my doorstep was enough for you
when you would bring me whatever i want, even if i'm not blue
baby, where are you?
come back, i miss you

and i hope you feel the same,
that if i did this to you, that you would wait for me too,
i have to know, baby...would you? like i do?
because, honey, don't you know,
the way you act makes me wonder so,
sometimes i just have to know,
do you miss me back?
because i can't tell by the way that you act
baby, please come back. . .

because i still don't yet understand,
because you said that i'm your # 1,
then why don't you come with me?
then why don't we go have some fun?

i don't think you know how it feels,
to feel like you don't have much worth,
because someone says that you mean the world,
but you choose everyone over her, and it hurts,
and it stings,
and it burns,
and i yearn -only for you, i tried to let you see
that the only person i want in your eyes, is me
just like you are to me, remember, your kitty?

i love you, you say you love me to
it doesnt matter if you don't feel like it,
why don't you do what i do?
just take it, just for a day,
i promise every time will be okay
and no matter how you feel when you come,
you'll leave with a smile on your face.

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