Sunday, July 17, 2011

Recipe - Smoothie Ice!

today i am posting my first recipe :D
this is something i call "smoothie ice" :)
this is what the finished product looks like.

what you need:
17 right season's frozen strawberries
4 tbsp of applesauce
1 whole banana
1 tbsp of vanilla icing
a food processor / blender

i only used vanilla icing because we had no sugar, you can use sugar if you want ^_^
just combine all of those ingredients into a food processor (as i did) or a blender until its really smooth, unless you like the chunks, that is :)
it tastes good as a smoothie and as ice! you can freeze it then shave the ice with a spoon :)
if its not sweet enough for you, try a little more sugar?
this would also taste nice blended with whipping cream :)
maybe try sweetening with sugar or honey instead of icing?
if you try it out, please let me know how it goes :D


  1. Ohhhhh i'm so craving for a homemade milkshake right nao~

  2. Wow! XD Maybe if I make smoothies I would love to blend it for long~ I like it to be soooo soft and has no textures of fruits anymore :3

  3. hello there^^ I like your new blog, I will follow you :)

    I want smoothie too,it looks delicious :D

  4. Smoothie ice sounds soooooo yummeh! =D Miss yah Berry!♥♥


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