Friday, December 11, 2015

holy shit, i met Gabriel Garcia


so...this happened. wow.
i've been waiting for that since i was like 15,
15 year old me and 22 year old me are very happy about this.

he's so nice...after the show, he was pretty close to me and i was struggling to find words to say to him, because i have a tendency to say really dumb shit to people i think are cool haha

so, as i'm slightly ready to give up,
he comes up to me and he's like "hey, i saw you singing all the words down there, that was pretty cool, wanna take a picture together?"

my heart was like "lol c ya" but my brain was like "YAAAAASS"

i'm fucking stupid and i was shocked so i just cover my face with my hands because it was less inappropriate than literally running away , then held it together for just long enough. haha thanks to the innocent bystander who took the picture for me!

The first time, the flash was off, so that picture is the second one.
i was nervous (like i said, i have no filter) and i'm just like "do i look crazy in that picture? i usually look bad with flash, please don't lie to me haha" 

they handed me my phone back and Gabe's like 
"Nahh, we look good "

i swear that shit echoed in my fucking head haha

i also found out he's only a few months older than me, i told him i'd been a fan since 08, and i was like 15 then. he asked how old i was now, i told him 22 and he told me he was 23. man, why is he so fuckin' cool?!