Saturday, October 6, 2012

Poem - Nocturna #11


In the nights such as these
Sometimes you cannot help but wonder
The things beyond true comprehension
For what if this all just an infantile dream
If all this is real, not everyone, just to me
The memories, the hurt, the love, the everything
And I wake up one day, cradled
In the arms of a parent never parted
Yet now never blissful,
Because I'm knowing what will happen
Because I saw it myself
And because I can't speak, I'll never tell
There's doom ahead, dad, her love isn't real
And my perfect man is out there
But his name, I can't spell
And mami, your brother, he's to fall ill
And my future sister, despise me, you will
I can't imagine the pain of knowing,
But in reality, I can
Because these thing cold happen to me
Hope not that it would fall on another...
What if I know the truth
I'd be sorry if it were true
And if I couldn't stop it,
You may damn me too.

Monday, October 1, 2012

here, have a gif of my drawing class failure.