Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poem - I Should Have Said "Hi"

look at you, you're so beautiful
look at you, you're so perfect
look at you, you've got so many friends
and look at you, taking my only one

look at you, your voice is so pretty
look at you, you're so tall
look at you, your perfect hair
and look at you, still lingering here

i am so jealous, sometimes i wish i was you
because you did all the things that i wanted to
there were so many things, but now i have to be wary
you're so pretty, but you're so scary...

i have said sorry, i've done my job
you've cleared things now, can you please be gone?
love is a strong word, and you both shared it
and it breaks my heard, but i dont think you want it mended..

i have loved, but was never in love until now
and the feeling is grand, it makes me feel so "wow"
but you two were real...and i jumped in between
and even though i didnt mean too, you still think i'm mean

i wanted to say sorry earlier, but i was too scared
i came close in January with the cold winter's air
but i couldnt send the message, i wouldnt dare
because the fear of your reaction gave me quite a scare

i made a bad choice and got scared and got shy
and now you two talk again, and its tearing me inside
this time was my fault and i do know why:
when he gave me the phone, i should have said "hi"