Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scribble - Self Portrait

drawn in MS Paint with a mouse

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

random scribble~

doodling on MS Paint during class..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heart Border Scrollbox Code!

i have been working on this for a little while, trying to make it for my friend's sidebar and i finally got it! :D

this scroller was requested by melonie :D finally after a few weels of frustration i finally have got this coded :D woo! after i found the very extemely simple mistake i had made i felt super retarded! xD hope you like it :D
------- -copy the code and place it on your blog --------  

Poem - Nocturna #4

lift her up to knock her down, no more
outside at midnight she wakes
once again to breathe true air down to the hot cotton cushion where most would find discomfort
there is a method to her sadness
and there are shackles at her feet
trapped in a world where all conform
while she herself desires to be the same
but she's too true to her own to change
her desire to cover every inch of her body in art
to be able to see through the ears she hears through
to scalp herself with symbols
everyone sees it as harm
she sees it as only loving herself
an action she thought herself never to be able to go through with,
but it becomes reality
just right now
the etches, the sketches
the writings, the emotions
they flood her world
but now the people can hear the water rushing in
she hopes they drown in her knowledge and admit she has a point
not everything seems sensible from the outside,
because no one listens to the inside
maybe they're intimidated, they could be scared
is it so bad that she knows thier pain?
all she wants is for you not to feel alone
because neither does she
no one wants to be.

This one of the coolest videos i've seen.

wouldn't let me post the real things, but click here
Check out this great MSN video: Incredible Street Artist
this guy makes miniature paintings,
with his fingers
in 3 minutes.
they look like a painting that would take a month because they're that beautiful.
i want to try this out, i'm inspired xD
please watch this for me :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

if you have a Facebook...

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let me know if you want to be affies or anything and if you have a FB "like" page, i'll add it to my page's likes and show you support :)
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