Saturday, February 16, 2013

Poem - Teena(n)g(st)ers

parties are no longer fun and games
fighting over spilled milk is no longer a serious thing
you're weird if you play with dolls,
and the word "toy" has an all new meaning
   so does everything else
deciding every day what you're taking from your closet
pants or a shirt, a jacket
a skeleton, or your sexuality
and which one of those things you want the most attention for
you're worried about outdoing each other
while you're all out doing each other
some even creating new lives within their new lives
and not thinking about how it will affect your life,
when really, you don't even have one
because every move you make is social suicide
and you can't choose your friends,
because your actions choose them for you
the teen age, is teen angst
and that's all it'l ever be
it'll be the 7/10ths of a decade where you lived more than you should have
           the 7/10ths of life you'll remember hating the most
           the 7/10ths of a time where you wished you were dead
    and the 7/10ths you'd give the world to go back to
because the teen age is all angst
and that's all it'll ever be.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Poem - Scripted

i still live in a world where snowflakes are potatoes
where the sun is really a spotlight
and every morning is a curtain call
every person you walk past is a character all their own,
their parents taking rights as co-authors
and ever person near as directors
though only you can decide whether you're the protagonist
or antagonist
or maybe just an extra - for now
and that your spin-off is soon to come
doesn't it all make sense?
since according to the Book,
our lives could be truly scripted
wardrobe is one of my favorites,
hair and make up is a close second
because i feel I'm a character myself
and if life is really a stage,
then to stealing the show is my place
maybe this is my big break...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poem - Finger Swirl

Finger swirl, loving twirl
hand embrace, hearts at pace
its me and you
and it's never untrue
a symbol since before we ever met.

finger swirl, feelings-a-whirl
minds erase, lost in space
its you and me
a together, we
will never let anyone take that away.

finger swirl, bodies curl
unfamiliar place, just in case
its me and you
and we fit; you knew
a destiny if there's one i've ever felt,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poem - Namesake

it was odd when i noticed your eyes were green
i  realized that as much as i love you,
that i really hadn't payed enough attention.
i never thought about how it might make you feel,
that I'm always saying how much i hate my name,
when i a your namesake
attempting to imagine how many quarters you've given me
over the course of nearly a score
every time we'd visit a store
and now I'm realize you're more than four...
and i should have appreciated you more.
you were the first person i ever saw
the mother of my mother, who saw me before my own mom
you were my first best friend,
more often, my only one...
and despite your good health,
i still tear when i think of the chances of you ever meeting my children.
because i want you to live forever
if anyone could, it would be you
i hope you surpass Abraham
and i almost hope my mom does too
because after everything that's happened,
and all that you've been through,
if anyone deserves true longevity
Grandma, it's you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poem - Late Night Fight

i don't deserves the words you give me
and i know that i try far too hard
      you know
      you judge
and i don't care for your flaws,
       i'd expect you to feel the same
but it's unfortunate, for me,
you'll never see me for my efforts.
and my littlest mistake, you find me so horrid
you give me these definitions,
and thier simply your connotations
and so untrue, because you know i'm true
and i wish you'd treat me that way
why do you do it?
why do you think i deserve it...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Poem - Friendship Mountain

it was a "once upon a time"
a when-we-were-young
a 7 year old with a theory told the boy with blue eyes
"if you plant a pebble like a seed
in the gravel by the wood
that it grows into more"
he didn't believe me,
not until we were both 10
when he pulled me aside at recess
after a sad happening
and we sat on the wood,
and he told me that he remembered
and asked me if i did,
and he dug a hole, then set the pebble in
together, we spread a heet of rocks over the seed
it was a sunny friday, in spring
that monday, there was a hill of fresh, new rocks
s we left the school doors,
his blue eyes widened, as did my smile
our seed had blossomed into a beatiful mountain
and our friendship did as well
and i was content in knowing
that my philosophy created a gravel hill

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Poem - Irrelevance

the sense isn't there
no, not for me
because i do not understand
how you are supposed to create
if you aren't allowed to feel.

if you can't, where do you go?
                     what do you do?
                    what do you see?

                                 if not a heart...

how do i achieve empathy?
            possible sympathy?
            a type of telepathy?
if you can't give others something to relate to

    how do you understand
                         each other,
                     or anything at all?

call it what you want;
feelings | emotions | sentiments | irrelevance
     but no matter what,
          i think you're wrong.
                  that, and beyond.