Monday, February 11, 2013

Poem - Friendship Mountain

it was a "once upon a time"
a when-we-were-young
a 7 year old with a theory told the boy with blue eyes
"if you plant a pebble like a seed
in the gravel by the wood
that it grows into more"
he didn't believe me,
not until we were both 10
when he pulled me aside at recess
after a sad happening
and we sat on the wood,
and he told me that he remembered
and asked me if i did,
and he dug a hole, then set the pebble in
together, we spread a heet of rocks over the seed
it was a sunny friday, in spring
that monday, there was a hill of fresh, new rocks
s we left the school doors,
his blue eyes widened, as did my smile
our seed had blossomed into a beatiful mountain
and our friendship did as well
and i was content in knowing
that my philosophy created a gravel hill