Saturday, February 16, 2013

Poem - Teena(n)g(st)ers

parties are no longer fun and games
fighting over spilled milk is no longer a serious thing
you're weird if you play with dolls,
and the word "toy" has an all new meaning
   so does everything else
deciding every day what you're taking from your closet
pants or a shirt, a jacket
a skeleton, or your sexuality
and which one of those things you want the most attention for
you're worried about outdoing each other
while you're all out doing each other
some even creating new lives within their new lives
and not thinking about how it will affect your life,
when really, you don't even have one
because every move you make is social suicide
and you can't choose your friends,
because your actions choose them for you
the teen age, is teen angst
and that's all it'l ever be
it'll be the 7/10ths of a decade where you lived more than you should have
           the 7/10ths of life you'll remember hating the most
           the 7/10ths of a time where you wished you were dead
    and the 7/10ths you'd give the world to go back to
because the teen age is all angst
and that's all it'll ever be.