Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poem - Namesake

it was odd when i noticed your eyes were green
i  realized that as much as i love you,
that i really hadn't payed enough attention.
i never thought about how it might make you feel,
that I'm always saying how much i hate my name,
when i a your namesake
attempting to imagine how many quarters you've given me
over the course of nearly a score
every time we'd visit a store
and now I'm realize you're more than four...
and i should have appreciated you more.
you were the first person i ever saw
the mother of my mother, who saw me before my own mom
you were my first best friend,
more often, my only one...
and despite your good health,
i still tear when i think of the chances of you ever meeting my children.
because i want you to live forever
if anyone could, it would be you
i hope you surpass Abraham
and i almost hope my mom does too
because after everything that's happened,
and all that you've been through,
if anyone deserves true longevity
Grandma, it's you.