Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poem - You Just Look Like You

Lying in bed after a bad dream
waking up and just wanting to scream
but first thing that comes to mind is your smile to calm me down
and thinking of just how
you just look like you

your brows are strong, just like you
because you always pull me through
any tough times you're always there

your arms are firm like our foundation
because our love is stronger than any nation
so you can pick me up when i've fallen

except when i fell in love with you
because you fell too
and i can see it in your smile
which is brighter than the sun
lighting up my day and pushing the gray clouds away
making me happy since the day i first saw it

your eyes are like heaven
when i look into them, they take me there
and there i stay
the colors unlike any other
bursting into supernova
but more beautiful than any star in space
and they keep me safe
seeing past my flaws and seeking out perfections i never knew i had

the curls in your hair are soft and gentle
like the words you speak and the way you touch me
and the way you love me

when we hug, we fit like pieces to a puzzle
and i fit perfectly and we know

from the clothes you wear
down to the bare
you just look like you
and you look like love

Monday, December 28, 2009

Photography - Baklava


its one of my favorite treats,

i think started in Greece

Poem - I'm Sorry, But No Second Chances

it was great, i'll admit
all the way up till 3 weeks before we split
you and me, we were great
you were someone i could really appreciate
until the end,
whe you'd ignore me and send
my heart in a whirl-wind
and it became a trend
and happened
and again
and again

i'll tell you this:
i almost left

but because of all you said,
and the notes of mine you read
i thought we had hope
and i tried my best to cope
then one day,
dare i say,
you rejected me for the first time
and because it had never happened i saw it as a crime

i knew something was different
and i knew you needed to repent
you didnt

then the day i started my summer season
you gave me not nearly one reason
and you were gone faster than falling rain
and i almost couldnt take the pain

and while i was walking, you drove past me without saying a word
you didnt stop to say hello or wait for me at the curb

i cried, i shedded tears that day that i hadnt shed in a long time
and when i saw my first love the same day, he wanted me to be fine
when they stopped to say hi i asked them not to go
because i had already been left that day, and to leave they said "no"
they stayed until i left, just like you said you would
but you didn't keep your promise like you know you should

you said if i needed someone to talk to, i could go to you
you said if i needed someone to cry to, i could go to you
you said if i needed someone, that someone would be you
but come that day...now where are you?

you werent there

you said you only wanted to be friends
and now without you my heart amends
you said you didnt feel the same anymore
that hit me hard all the way to the core
and it made my heart so sore

just to find out you were running from yourself
but you didn't have to run from me...
you could have run to me

and now you realize your mistake
and im sorry, but you are much too late
you called yourself an idiot,
you know its you who did it

but remember this from that song you like:
"We've had one chance to, take back, but over and over again"
you didnt take that chance
"i never wanted to hear all the things that you told me"
but i did
and it says "your eyes are yet to be clear now"
but they are clear now

and i'm sorry, but no second chances
if i had done that to you, you would say the same
you told me yourself, many times and ways

you're right,
none of this would have happened if you hadnt run
but i there was someone there for me to pick up the pieces
you should have proved yourself the way he did
you should have tried as hard as he did

but now my heart is stolen
there is no pieces to be picked up
every piece of my shattered heart has been sealed
and you still have a part,
you will always be in my heart
its not the same size as the piece you had before

you see?
i cant do that,
its a plain fact

and you said you don't know what love is
well if you dont, then you must have been lying
the whole time, just lying
so i guess i didn't know what love was either

but i do now

so i'm sorry, but no second chances

because when i see my love my heart dances
and each day, that love grows and enhances

you said "fake roses never die, and niether will our love"
i still have that rose you gave me, its on the top shelf of my book case
i see it from time to time
fake roses never die, and i still love you
but only friend wise

i couldnt got through that again
not the end, again

you had your chance but now my heart is taken
with an invincible love unshaken
and joyfully it prances
so i'm sorry but no second chances

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photography - Winter's Bliss

(click to enlarge)


Thursday, December 17, 2009

gift for all

take it if you want it, a christmas gift from me to you ^_^

this one i made for rabbito
because of one of her posts

and its true ^_^

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poem - I Believe In You

when will you be ready?
or are you ready now?
to see what you can do
to give me all of you

if you're not ready yet
then please, do not forget
before your mind is set
it will be a choice you wont regret

disregard what has happened prior
because you are all i desire
and to keepp you happy
is morst important to me

so let your guard back down
and sit with me on the ground
now let me hold your hand
now lets watch the birds land
now lets let time pass
now lets watch the wind blow the grass
now let me give you my heart as a prize
now lets watch the moon arise

hold me tight and i'll hold you too
hold on to my love, so true
you can do it, i believe in you

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poem - December So Small

i see the tree silhouettes on the gray-blue sky
as i'm breathing steam into the air, so dry

walking to see you, in temperature so low
December weather, it's familiar, i know

awaiting the days for the snow to fall,
sipping hot chocolate waiting for your phone call

staring out the screen door at cars passing by,
watching the window fog up after every sigh

little black cats in the snow are quivering
as am i, in your arms shivering

it gets so cold with me being so small,
thank God i have you; so warm and so tall

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Poem - This Is Me Speaking From Heart To Mind


she can do what i do
she did what i do now
she did what i do now before did it
she was first
and she will be the last in the end

she can do what i do, but better
she did what i do now, but better
she did what i do now before i did, but better
she was first
and she will be the last in the end

her beauty must surpass mine
by miles in multiple ways
her eyes must be wider than mine
so you can look in them for days
her arms must be longer than mine
so she can hold on longer and she will never go away
to remain on a crossed line
and on that line she will stay
or drag you to the other side, she may
but that is a price i am willing to pay

she can do what i do, but she does it the best
she must be better than all the rest
although i cannot see what is behind a flesh vest,
i know she runs through the veins concieled in your chest

she can do what i do, i have said through and through
she can do what i do, this i do say is true
she can do what i do, and that is love you
she can do what i do, but not like i do

she can do what i do, i say to thee
but i will never be her, or the same, you see?
for there is betrayal and lies to a certain degree
but to my heart, you alone, have the key

no lies or betrayal, only loyalty here
with me, you have no worries, my dear
the worryer is me when she is near
for our love's death is my only fear

i never want you in pain
as i lie in the bitter cold drops of winter rain
crying for you to see me, plain
and realize your love is what keeps me sane

i wonder and ponder numerous thoughts
of how, for you, i would take infinite shots
to the heart...with a grand canon, ball and all
and to show you that surely, never will i fall!

because my love for you will keep me strong!
because my love for you will last longer than long!
because my love for you is more beautiful than any song!

as i twirl the withering rose between my frail fingers
watching the sun come up as night lingers

so does the thought of you being completely mine
and everyday i search the skies for a sign

i can never break out what i want to speak
for this person called me, so timid and meek
and now, today, with my life so bleak
i finally got the courage, it has reached its peak

to say these words:

although not all of these words may not be so kind,
this is me speaking from heart to mind

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kaomoji Emoticons!


i've been thinking of making some of my own...this is my attempt lol











smacking yourself:

berry emotikitty
[will make more soon]

[will make more soon]

[will make more soon]

tell m what you think and credit me if you use them ^_^