Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poem - You Just Look Like You

Lying in bed after a bad dream
waking up and just wanting to scream
but first thing that comes to mind is your smile to calm me down
and thinking of just how
you just look like you

your brows are strong, just like you
because you always pull me through
any tough times you're always there

your arms are firm like our foundation
because our love is stronger than any nation
so you can pick me up when i've fallen

except when i fell in love with you
because you fell too
and i can see it in your smile
which is brighter than the sun
lighting up my day and pushing the gray clouds away
making me happy since the day i first saw it

your eyes are like heaven
when i look into them, they take me there
and there i stay
the colors unlike any other
bursting into supernova
but more beautiful than any star in space
and they keep me safe
seeing past my flaws and seeking out perfections i never knew i had

the curls in your hair are soft and gentle
like the words you speak and the way you touch me
and the way you love me

when we hug, we fit like pieces to a puzzle
and i fit perfectly and we know

from the clothes you wear
down to the bare
you just look like you
and you look like love

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