Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poem - Nocturna #2

nobody knows the trouble she sees
Sitting outside
Saint valentine by her side
Because who else will she ever need
The oxygen is what kills her
She chooses a different air to breath
Because whats taking her life is life itself
But there is no point in wanting to leave
Nocturna subsides as she lies outside
In the middle of a winter night
Although she hates winter; she hates the cold
But maybe she likes the pain
She likes the way it cracks her skin
Briskly; but she longs for heat
Feelings that flow from breast to bone
The warmth of the thought masks the trembling
Her eyes close as she wonders through the oasis of her own mind
Enchanted as it may be, it isnt there
Life once again takes it's toll as hope shatters her heart
And the missing piece of her staring out into the clouds
Because her Saint Valentine sitting with her now, is only a mirage
What she misses is the real thing
Thus her fantasies ignite into blue flames
She slips off her shoes as not to wake her housemates and crawls into Her empty bed,
Saint Valentine, wont you come save her from the seisure of a winters night
Free her from her troubles in the way you know her so well to desire
Embrace her within your arms and keep her safe
Let her feel your breath,
Your hair brush her neck,
Give her what she says she wants and she'll show you back her love without words
Communication in only deep breathes and stares, until she can think no more
No thoughts are no worries
You can't keep away for long or she'll remind you that you're the same
You don't have to wait for her to invite you in
There's not one thing forbidden
Her solitude remains stable, even with you in it
Because for you, Saint Valentine,
She's smitten