Friday, January 20, 2012

Poem - Nocturna #3

till the end of the day,
she does nothing by wait
Just to go outside to asphyxiate with the very air she breaths
Thinking back to the times where no one understood her but Valo himself, 
She realizes that nothing has changed
Scared to death
Heartache every moment
Shattered by hope
Just like Saint Valentine
Death is in love with her and she is the Sacrament
She dances with death on her toes while awaiting for her own acoustic funeral
They are all the heartless,
Because they can never be satisfied
Disarmed with the loneliness of everyone she loves,
Poison girl will sit alone and dream
She's drunk on shadows just like everyone thinks
How will it be to prove wrong every voice she hears?
She always wonders, but never succeeds
Because she's exactly the way everyone thinks
Her body runs on emotions rather than blood,
But she can't help that..
Her only mission is to pronounce the happiness of others,
Yet again, she will never succeed
Look at the stars and smother her heart, open her up
She's Only an urn of ashes waiting to be spread over the shore
how could you let her fall apart?
God, You are not who the Holy Book says that You are
Some wounds are never meant to heal,
They stay open instead of scar,
But which is worse?
pour in the salt and listen to it sizzle,
Remind her that she's still alive