Sunday, September 13, 2015

♫♪ #SundaySounds: Trench Dogs

Trench Dogs are a glam-punk band stationed in Sweden,
and they're definitely doing everything - and i mean everything - right.
up top is the cover for "Fashionably Late," a four-track which you can stream on their YouTube channel. They're selling physical copies via email in limited quantites, but you'll have to "convert your own damn currency" to SEK yourself to get it ;)
here's a funny little promo video they made a little over a year ago,
if you play a super easy game of "Spot The Difference," you'll see that they had a different guitar player back then. The members now are Andy Hekkandi (vocals,) Li Sick (bass,) Martini (drums,) and Mattius (guitar.) A couple of you may know him as Majekkk on YouTube or from the band In Vaïn.

This is their official music video for "Self Sabotage" from fashionably late, i think it speaks for itsself...

Trench Dogs gives you good old-fashioned Rock n' Roll, a little glam, a little punk and a lot of hair. The song is really catchy, and i love the lyrics. Andy's singing style reminds me a lot of Steve Summers, which is a definite compliment. He's bringing back a singing style that i feel like i don't hear often in the newer glam bands, and i love that. You all know that i'm a big fan of nostalgia :)
Check this out if you like: Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz by Pretty Boy Floyd
I think the best site to follow these guys is on Instagram, they post live clips and photos pretty frequently and all of the members are on there I think. Their shows seem to be awesome and wild, just like rock n' roll should be, full of style and tons of energy.

if you like what you hear, be sure to click every link to see everything you can! these guys are good and deserve to be recognized! If anyone fits the phrase "Too Glam To Give A Damn," it's the motherfuckin' Trench Dogs!
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thanks for tuning in!