Saturday, September 12, 2015

Renaissance Fair!


 Today, I had a super eventful day at the Ohio Renaissance Fair!
I'd been once before with my boyfriend 5 years ago, but it was pretty last minute so I didn't dress up or anything...this year, I had a couple more seconds to prepare 

The #1 thing on my mind was getting a tobacco pipe,
because i've always wanted one...

above is the awesome guy who showed me how to use the pipe i bought,
he was already a red-head, but he had an Irish accent too...
it sounded authentic, but everyone at the fair is a character so you never know!
i got this really nice tobacco that smells like blueberries 

i'm not sure if you can see it, 
but my pipe is carved into a skull:

Nicko had to get in on the action :)

This picture is a basic summary of my non-edible purchases throughout the day:

hand made devil horns, steampunk glasses, and a feather clip.

Nicko got himself something too,
a bitchin' Pirate Hat :) he got a feather clip too

He posted the photo above on Facebook, captioned "Ye Olde Shawty"
about 35 people got just as much of a kick out of that as we did.

After he got his hat, his biggest thing on the list was a turkey leg.

so savage.

Next on mine was mead. 
a friend on Instagram who i'll just call "Aqua" recommended i try it,
she definitely convinced me.

so, it turns out Mead is the best thing ever...
i could drink it all day long, i love it.
I had mine mixed with hard apple cider and it was totally choice.

Mid-mead, i found out my best friend Valerie had entered the realm and she and her daughter caught up to me and Nick!

i'm always happy to see her, in case you couldn't tell :)
She was cosplaying Amaratsu from the game Okami, it looked amazing...she just made the shirt last night! She also had her daughter in a Pichu cosplay. She's like a mini-valerie!

and that's what my whole outfit looked like, btw!
The shirt was thrifted, the skirt is a vintage hand-me-down, i got the boots at a bargain shop in Brooklyn (NY), the bandana was a buck and the corset is a waspie from

we all hung out for a while, then Val had to catch up with her family so she was off for a little while.
In the meantime, it was my turn to eat!

i got the most amazing bread bowl,
it was potato soup, the top was all raw onions and cheese.
it was like something in a dream, haha.

i convinced Nick to get on a camel with me...

It turns out the camel's name was Noah and he was 5 years old,
which i thought was really sweet considering 5 years ago was the last (and only) time we came here together.
We had a photo together that day,
we decided to re-create it at the same tree :)
top; Nick(16) Me (17) bottom: Nick(21) Me(22)

it's quite funny, his mom took a lot of nice photos of us that day...yet this is the only one Nick decided to scavenge from the lot of them haha

pirate ship! 

the only thing i bought that i haven't pictured here,
is that i bought an absinthe making kit...
now that'll be fun :)
and it's creamsicle flavored!
i'll be sure to tell you all how that goes.