Friday, September 11, 2015

Band Cover Photos for Facebook (free to use)

if you'd like other bands, feel free to request them by commenting below :)
these are a couple that i have made of a few bands that i like,
the one i currently have on my facebook is Santa Cruz.
i plan to make an updated Crashdiet cover photo seeing as i made this before Simon Cruz left the band.

Santa Cruz #SantaCruzBand @SantaCruzBandOfficial (FINLAND)
Crashdiet #CrashDiet (SWEDEN)
Reckless Love #RecklessLove @RecklessLoveCom (FINLAND)

just click the image to enlarge it and save it as usual.
you can use it however, just promise me you'll use them to help promote the bands in your country :)
you don't have to credit me, but it'd be rad if you did!