Sunday, December 23, 2012



just arrived in brooklyn about an hour ago~
we visited my cousin Angel & his lady first to get the keys to Abuelas apt
she still has all those pretty decorations...
even at night it's still so nice


the car ride was about 10 hours,
no one really talked to me through the whole thing
i was really bored...and sick

[[iPad pics]]

i was playing with my dad's iPad and got motion sickness :(
i've been getting it so frequently now-a-days
we had subway for lunch :)
my dad knows how to make the best sandwhiches
i get lost in all the stuff you can put on it and end up with a crappy sub xD

when i got to NY, (brooklyn btw)
i had the best dinner
chicken wing soup & rice
i had 2 servings and a sprite...
i forgot how it felt to be this full...
and of good homemade food
maybe i didn't want to come because i know how much its gonna make me miss home...
i havent even been here long and i already don't want to leave...

and i already opened my xmas gifts from Papi,
get ready to see me make some hideous faces xD
this was @ my house in Ohio

i got a snake-skin wrap watch :) love it
HAHAHAHA my face xD
tehya got a new hoodie with fur inside/fleece outside
right on the money :) Mirna (stepmom) picked it out
she couldn't make it cuz of work :( i was sad she couldnt come i love her
and papi got us a roku!!!
so we can watch TV and Movies from services like Crackle, Netflix, MOG, Hulu etc thru a wifi connection :) like having cable thru the internet!
i can do the same with my XBOX, but now i can take that in my room :)
so now, Teh has her wii, i have my Xbox, and our livingroom has a Roku now
and a coincidence- we were talking about getting rid of our cable soon
i'm tired haha and stuffed
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