Sunday, November 25, 2012

i looked so cute today.


this is my new favorite outfit ♥

black cardigan - Studio Works 
striped tank - wet seal
dark blue jeans - ZanaDi
Musical knee highs - DEB
Legwarmers - Wet Seal

 thinking about doing a new makeup video,
just of my new makeup routine,
since it's changed from what it was.
what do you guys think?

my horoscope today -- "Pay attention to stories from the past -- they hold big clues about your future. Someone emotionally close but physically distant is about to make contact, and you should be delighted to spend some time with them. You're in such a wonderful mood that you can't help but make everyone around you feel just as good -- and it doesn't matter if it's because of a professional situation that's turned out just right, a family matter that's brought joy or just the random benevolence of the universe."


i'm DEFINATELY wearing this outfit again :)
i feel so pretty today.

 im not kidding...